About Us Architectural Model Plus

We at Architectural Model Plus are a leading model making company based in Chandigarh, India.

With our strong infrastructures and fabulous manpower we are capable enough to handle project we take on, ensuring the requirements and objectives of our clients are met successfully and satisfactorily. Two-dimensional drawings are usable but they seem ambiguous when seen by a layman. An eye catchy model is achieved only with three-dimensional drawings. We augment your project with that extra depth added to it. You can be rest assured that our models are created with quality in the mind, and delivered to your doorstep in a timely and cost effective manner.

With the use of cutting-edge, high-tech Machinery for laser cutting our Architectural Models are designed to speak for itself. When it comes to full color acrylic marketing models, you can depend on our clean and precise quality drawings.

Our models stand out on the visual front for we specialize in the use of DEGREE MACHINE. The use of new technology creates smooth model corners, rendering a clean, crisp look with no sharp edges.

To produce stunning architectural drawings and visuals we deploy high-end, 3D Printing Machine. It allows, both engineers to decipher 3D models but also, clients to get a clearer idea of the building’s design and style components.

Service Benchmark and Excellence

Architecture Model Plus is a patent industry benchmark, providing customers high level of success and satisfaction. Our service portfolio and range is spread wide across, from Project conception, to final product delivery for customized architectural models.

Service Scale and Delivery

Large-scale civil engineering projects involve a 3D scale model design to depict the complicated process to stakeholders. We come with a experience of building engineering models of projects all unique in form and functions, from bridges, freeway interchanges, multi-faceted transportation roads, and rail projects, front-line bio-fuel plants, windmill energy generating farms and nuclear power reactors. We go the extra mile to make the model of your project as realistic as you had imagined in inception.

Our services specialization is in:
Architectural model making
3-D visualizations
3-D walkthroughs

Why to Choose Architectural Model Plus?

At Architectural Model Plus, all model maker professionals are devoted to work with highest standards in everything they do. They use advanced techniques and tested procedures to get top-notch results in the best possible outcomes. We ensure you that our cost- effective and quality architectural scale models will fulfill your all requirements once reached at Architectural Model Plus.

What We Symbolize

Our models let you identify and appreciate your project’s real beauty and the impact it will generate. When you team-up with us, you can expect the following:

Quick project analysis and cost-effective pricing
Use of vanguard technologies to deliver out of world solutions
Utmost adherence to your time-lines and time limitations
Unending crusade to create super-quality models
Peerless detailing and finishing on scaled renditions to produce maximal visual impact

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